Mae Geri, Yoko Geri Kekomi, Mawashi Geri

This is for 3rd kyu brown belt Karateka working towards 2nd Kyu Brown and White belt

This is our brown belt kicking combination 1, which involves executing three kicks moving forward. A really good kicking exercise for making distance and firing fast continuous kicks. 

Try and flow through the kicking combination, height is not important, we would much rather see strong low kicks groin height and below, than high weak kicks.

Mae geri (front kick), Yoko Geri Kekomi (side thrust kick), Mawashi Geri (round kick)

1. Try not to telegraph your technique at the start. Kick front kick (mae geri) with the right leg .
2. Step and kick Side thrust kick (yoko geri kekomi), with the left leg.
3. Step  and kick round house kick (mawashi geri) with the right leg and step forward.

Drive of the supporting leg when stepping forward, after each kick. Sometimes we also practice this combination with an ushiro geri as a 4th kick. 

3rd kyu to 2nd kyu kihon, kata and kumite requirements

Kizami Zuki, Oi Zuki, Gyaku Zuki
Mae Geri, Oi Zuki, Gyaku Zuki
Yoko Geri Kekomi, Uraken, Gyaku Zuki
Mawashi Geri, Uraken, Gyaku Zuki
Ushiro Geri, Uraken, Gyaku Zuki
Kicking Combination 2
jiyu ippon kumite
Bassai Dai

Brown Belt Basics Mae Geri, Yoko Geri Kekomi, Mawashi Geri 

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