Brown Belt Shotokan Grading Kizami Zuki, Oi zuki, Gyaku zuki. Combination 1

This is the first combination of five stepping combinations for 2nd Kyu. (Video tutorial below)

Brown Belt Shotokan Karate Basics

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A full understanding of Kime is needed when testing from 3rd Kyu brown belt to 2nd Kyu brown and white belt. Kime is not just muscle tension, you must release the tension in a fraction of a second at the completion of the techniques, or this combination will become very robotic.

This combination is Kizami zuki (lead arm punch), Oi zuki (stepping punch), Gyaku zuki (reverse punch) for this brown belt shotokan karate grading.

1. Make distance on the first technique, drive off the back leg and make kizami zuki jodan.
2. Then step with the back leg oi zuki jodan
3. Finish with gyaku zuki chudan

Working on shomen and hanmi, hikite and the snap back of gyakuzuki.
Try and stay relaxed throughout the movement, with kime only for a split second at the end of each technique.

Brown Belt Shotokan Karate Grading

Kizami Zuki, Oi Zuki, Gyaku Zuki