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Follow Along Karate Class 6 Strikes From Shizentai
Here is a follow along class working on six strikes from shizentai.1. Ura Zuki (upper cut)2. Mae Empi Uchi (forward[...]
Live Karate Zoom Class Bassai Dai Kata Tutorial Shotokan Karate Online
In this karate class, Sensei Amos worked on the Shotokan karate kata Bassai Dai, which translates as 'to storm a[...]
Live Karate Zoom Class Niseishi Kata Tutorial Shotokan Karate Online
In this karate class, Sensei Huckle worked on the karate kata Niseishi, which is the original name for Shotokan black[...]
Live Karate Zoom Class 04.04.21
In this karate class, Sensei Huckle worked on a shotokan karate exercise working on choku tsuki (straight karate punch), kizami[...]
Bassai Dai Kata Moves 9 to 13
Sorry for the poor quality, we are soon going to re film all the zoom tutorials. Moves 9 to 13[...]
Heian Yondan Kata Moves 5 and 6
Moves 5 to 10 of Heian Yondan can be very difficult. Height is not important, to the knee or groin[...]
Heian Yondan Kata Moves 1 and 2
The first two moves of Heian Yondan are all about attitude!There are many applications for the first two moves in[...]
Heian Yondan Kata Move 4
There are several ways that shotokan Dojo practice this next move.As you start to step, try not to over step[...]
Heian Yondan Kata Move 3
There are a few different ways to practice the third move in Heian Yondan. We keep the open hands high,[...]
Shotokan Kata Heian Yondan Tutorial (live Zoom class)
___TVE_SHORTCODE_RAW__<p>In this live karate class, Sensei Huckle and Sensei Amos worked on the Shotokan kata <a href="https://www.shotokankarateonline.com/blog/heian-yondan-kata-tutorial/">Heian Yondan</a>, which is[...]
Online Karate Classes
Can you learn the ancient art of karate online? All over the world, something that was not possible just a[...]
Shotokan Karate Kicking Exercise Mae Geri – Yoko Geri – Mawashi Geri
This clip is taken from one of our live classes. Sensei Amos worked on a really good shotokan kicking exercise.Shotokan[...]
Shotokan Karate Simultaneous Block And Counter
Shotokan Karate exercise for simultaneous block and counter. This style of block and counter can be seen throughout many of[...]
Heian Sandan Half Way In Detail Plus Applications
In this live training session, Sensei Huckle and Sensei Amos cover in detail, up to the half way point in[...]
Heian Nidan First 6 Moves
In this video Sensei Amos covers the first 6 moves of Shotokan kata Heian Nidan. Sensei Amos emphasizes dropping the[...]
Punch Elbow Strike Stepping Combination
Taken from one of our zoom classes. A stepping combination utilizing punches, elbows and strikes.
Live Karate Zoom Class 14.01.21
In this karate class, Sensei Huckle worked on the three different distances within the straight karate punch, which are ~1.[...]
Bassai Sho Kata Tutorial
Bassai shō is an advanced black belt kata.This is one of the kata that can be selected for the 2nd[...]
Live Karate Zoom Class 14.02.21
In this karate class, Sensei Huckle worked on a basic snapping punch and snapping the hips to generate a whipping[...]
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