Bassai Dai Tutorial

Bassai Dai

Bassa Dai is the first brown belt kata practiced by new brown belts in many Shotokan karate Dojo. Here at SKO we have five brown belt kata, with Bassai Dai being the first.

Bassai Dai means to storm a fortress or to penetrate a fortress and starts with a very strong move that perfectly represents the meaning of the kata.

Bassai Dai contains many basic movements that can be found in the five Heian kata, but along with these basic karate techniques there are some really quite advanced techniques.

Some of these advanced techniques include the grab and stamping kick at the first kiai point, the slow double hand pull up, then double hammer fist and straight punch, along with the two sweeping blocks/throws and three yama tsuki (U punch).

This is one of our basic kata tutorials and we will have a more advanced Bassai Dai tutorial coming to the Dojo soon.

December 6, 2023

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April 7, 2021

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