Within our Dojo, this shotokan kicking combination is first practiced at brown belt and is then used from 2nd Kyu to 1st Kyu and from 1st Kyu to 1st Dan Black Belt.

Starting from a left side fighting stance.

1. Front kick (mae geri)with the right leg, then step back and accross at an angle.
2. Turn through 180 degrees and kick round house kick (mawashi geri) with the left leg, then a short step over the top of the right leg.
3. Side thrust kick (yoko geri kekomi) with the right leg, recover the kicking leg but do not step down.
4. Turn through 180 degrees and kick back kick (ushiro geri) with the same leg you just kicked side thrust kick (yoko geri kekomi), then stepping down with the right leg and finish with a snapping reverse punch (gyaku zuki) chudan in a right side fighting stance.

Throughout this kicking combination, try an keep kamae, try not to let your arms wave around as you kick. Keep the kicks flowing, rather than kicking in a robotic fashion.

All these shotokan techniques should be practiced slowly first, then once you are confident in the technique, timing and rhythm of the combination, you can practice at full speed and power.

Kicking Combination 3 Video Tutorial

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