karate training at home for beginners

Learn the ancient art of karate from the comfort of your own home!

Just a few years ago, i would never have thought it possible.

But with today’s technology, it has enabled anyone to learn karate online.

When you first start practicing karate, you need to study the karate training for beginners lessons, as these lessons and courses are designed especially for people new to karate.

We have a free karate course that you can access at the bottom of this page, it’s a specially designed course which is all about karate training for beginners.

It takes you through the basic fundamentals of Shotokan karate. The video tutorials are highly detailed but easy to follow.

If you want to fully enter our Dojo, we have a special offer, that you can access by clicking here

People are joining our online karate community from all over the world. Some are experienced and some are not.

It really is like one big family and we are even planning a yearly residential karate training camp, somewhere beautiful in the world.

The Many Benefits Of Karate

karate training for beginners

Some people practice karate as a hobby, others self defense, to go to the olympics and many just love the art of karate, especially the kata (forms).

Kata is a bit like the gymnastic floor display, but with karate techniques, punches, blocks, strikes, turns, spins, etc.

Whatever you practice karate for, there is something for everyone.

Karate Training For Beginners

Two Video Tutorials

Here are two video tutorials, taken from our first course and also included in the free course at the bottom of this page.

The first tutorial is how to correctly form the karate fist (seiken), which believe it or not, many experienced karateka do incorrectly.

The second tutorial is the karate straight punch (choku zuki). I go into a lot of detail, but try and make the tutorial easy to understand and follow.

I hope you enjoy the videos and look forward to one day seeing you inside our online Dojo. Oss! Sensei Linden

Video 1. Forming The Karate Fist (Seiken)

Video 2. The Straight Karate Punch (Choku Zuki)