Learn shotokan Karate!

learn Shotokan karate

It is possible to learn Shotokan karate online! 

If you are unable to attend a local karate Dojo, or you are wanting to supplement your Dojo practice, or maybe you are just too busy to attend a dojo.

Then learning shotokan karate online with the help of video tutorials is the next best thing.

Shotokan Karate is an incredible and fascinating art form that has developed over thousands of years.

Karate fully developed on the island of Okinawa, then spreading around the world, giving us the karate we have today.

There are thousands of Shotokan karate classes starting every day, where people, young and old start to learn Shotokan karate for the first time.

Karate classes usually start with a warm up, followed by a full body stretch.

This alone is great for health and well being, keeping the body soft and supple is a fantastic thing, especially in your later years.

Shotokan Karate's 3 K's Training

After the warm up and stretch, many Shotokan Dojo follow the 3 K's practice. 

1. Kihon (basics)

2. Kumite (sparring)

3. Kata (forms)

The first 'K' is the basic karate techniques (kihon), blocking, punching, kicking, etc.

These are practiced on the spot, or stepping forward, back and even at different angles in the many varied karate stances (dachi).

These are the moves you will be able to practice at home and start to understand karatedo (the way of karate).

So Shotokan karate practice has the warm up and stretch first, then the first 'K' basic karate techniques (kihon), then next comes the second 'K' sparring (kumite).

Now the word sparring is used loosely in karate because it usually means anytime you partner up to practice karate techniques.

For example, you may partner up to practice a wrist grab and escape, this will be called kumite or sparring in the dojo (training hall).

And now with online training, we also use the word kumite for people practicing at home on their own.

This being said, ultimately, all karateka (someone who practices karate) need to partner up to practice their techniques.

In many Shotokan karate Dojo, after the warm up, basics and sparring, comes the third ‘K’ kata (forms).

Kata is a sequence of karate moves including, punches, kicks, strikes, jumps, spins, etc.

These are strung together in a particular order, to create a pattern of techniques, similar to the gymnastics floor display.

To explain kata fully will need an article all on it’s own, but to me kata is the most important element of karatedo (the way of karate). They say, kumite is the spirit of karate, but kata is the soul! And I agree.

learn karate online

Learn Shotokan Karate

Video Tutorial From The Shotokan 10th Kyu Blue Belt Course and Exam

So if you are looking to learn Shotokan karate online, I wish you luck and urge you to practice well and more importantly ENJOY your karate.

Good luck with your journey in the wonderful world that is karatedo!


Linden Huckle

Great care should be taken when practicing karate moves, if practiced incorrectly they may cause injury,

so please find a qualified instructor and sign up for their karate classes, online or off.

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