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Mawashi Geri

Stepping Forward Mawashi Geri From kamae Video Tutorial

Mawashi Geri

Stepping forward mawashi geri from kamae.
1. Left leg in front fighting stance
2. Lift the right knee as high as possible to the right side of the body, while keeping the back as straight as possible and the arms still.
3. Make sure the knee is slightly higher than the kicking foot and the ankle is bent.
4. Pivot strongly on the left supporting leg and come around with the kicking leg, keeping it parallel with the floor.
5. As the kicking leg comes around start to switch the arm position to the opposite side.
6. As the hip completes the rotation, the ball of the foot, instep or shin, hits the target, not after the hip has stopped.
7. Snap the kicking foot back vigorously, keeping the knee high.
8. Step forward into a right fighting stance by pushing off the left supporting leg, do not just fall forward.
9. repeat on the opposite leg.

Click Here for a video tutorial of mawashi geri from heiko dachi (natural stance)

Mawashi geri is classed as one of the basic shotokan karate kihon moves.

There are many variations of mawashi geri, snapping the leg back, keeping the leg straight on and after impact, kicking downwards, kicking upwards, etc

Kicking with the shin, top of the foot or ball of the foot.

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