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Heian Nidan Kata Video Tutorial

Heian Nidan Kata Video Tutorial 

Taken from our 8th Kyu Red belt karate examination.

Heian Nidan is the second kata of 5 in the 5 Heian Kata series.

The second Heian kata has several simultaneous block and strike techniques, it has side snap kick and front kick. 

Heian Nidan is more complicated than Heian Shodan, so time needs to spent on the individual combinations within the kata, for example the first 3 moves, then the next 3 moves, focusing on sections of this kata, then putting the sections together is a great way to learn this kata.

Heian nidan is an excellent kata for understanding simultaneous block and strike methods. Try and relax and flow through these tricky combinations, a common mistake karateka make is they tighten up when practicing, then the kata becomes very robotic.

Heian Nidan is the required kata for 7th Kyu yellow belt here at SKO.

Some Shotokan Dojo practice this kata with a few differences, but across the Shotokan globe, Heian Nidan remains pretty much the same 🙂


heian nidan
heian nidan

Heian Nidan Kata Tutorial

When practicing heian Nidan, try and get to where the kata just happens.

Where you have practiced heian nidan so many times, that you do not have to think about what karate move comes next, mushin.

The fighting and self defense part is extremely important, but for me, it’s not the most important.

Each kata move, step, turn, kick and jump, must be understood completely.

Take for example the first six moves in heian nidan, we have many video tutorials where we explore individual moves in detail.

Breaking down each move, then practicing over and over until it becomes natural, with no forced elements within the move.

Each kata move has two meanings, one for the art of karate and one for self defense.

Both meanings need to be fully understood in Heian nidan.

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