First 3 Moves Of Heian Nidan kata

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In this article and video we are going to cover the first 3 Moves Of Heian Nidan kata in detail.

First move of Heian Nidan

So first, just the arms for the first move. It’s so important that you get the first move really good, as that attention to detail will follow you through the kata.

So if I turn to the side, my left arm just comes straight up high to my left side (image 1), like a back fist strike (uraken uchi). The elbow is straight out from the shoulder and your fist is straight up from the elbow.

Ensure your wrist is straight, try not to have a bent wrist.

Now, lots of people with the right arm on the first move, swing their right arm (they also do this with the left) back to their right side, then they come around and forward towards the left.

The way I practice the right arm on this first move, is where my right arm should roll up like the original age uke (upper block), which some karate dojo still do. I think it’s really good.

Your right arm Rises up in front of your forehead. And if your head is turned to the left (which it should be), your right fist knuckles are just past your forehead (image 2).

First Move Of Heian Nidan With The Stance.

You’ve got to drop, we to drop our body weight.As the body weight drops, the left leg shoots out to your left, but your body weight should be mainly on your right leg, the left leg shoots out light and fast.

As we drop, shoot the left leg out and complete the first move, we snap left hip back sharply.

Try and get this feeling that everything is linked on this first move, the right arm and left arm together with the left leg and hips.

So as I bend my knees, the feeling is I’m driving off from my right leg. Even though I keep the knee bent. I’m driving internally from the floor.

Try not to rock your body forward over the left leg, then move the body weight back over the right. Not an easy move, think drop!

Drive off the back right leg but don’t move the back leg. Push through the floor through the thigh, through the hip and into the ura zuki (upper cut). It’s a bit like I’m pushing the wall, I’m pushing off my back leg, but I’m not moving anywhere, obviously, cause the wolves there.

Imagine walking up to a wall and pushing as in the video. It’s the same feeling with this ura zuki punch.

Now, it’s really hard to push off your back leg in back stance, but you got to try and get it. And it’s it’s like a shock push, so it’s a quick, sharp drive.

Third move of Heian Nidan
Bottom fist around or a straight punch for this third move, it’s up to you, but check with your sensei and Dojo because there are many variations out there. I tend to practice both, but predominately punch straight.

here is a link to the full Heian Nidan kata In Detail


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