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Follow Along Karate Class 6 Strikes From Shizentai Part 1

Here is a follow along class working on six strikes from shizentai.
1. Ura Zuki (upper cut)
2. Mae Empi Uchi (forward elbow strike)
3. Tate Zuki (vertical punch)
4. Mawashi Empi Uchi (round elbow strike)
5. Choku zuki (straight punch)
6. Yoko Empi Uchi (side elbow strike)
Try and keep the shoulders down, don’t let the fists come away from the body on the elbow strikes and drive from the legs, through the hips, then snapping the attacking sides hip back on completion of each technique.
These short classes are designed for karateka to practice at home. We try to cram as much information as possible into each karate class and hope you enjoy them. Oss!

Taken from one of our live karate classes

This follow along karate class is the first class of three

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Follow Along Class Video 6 Strikes From Shizentai

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