Here is a follow along class working on six strikes using yori ashi and turning.
1. Start from a left leg fighting stance, drive off the back right leg (yori ashi), punch Ura Zuki (upper cut), then land and strike with Mae Empi Uchi (forward elbow strike).
2. Drive off the back right leg (yori ashi), punch Tate Zuki (vertical punch), then land and strike with Mawashi Empi Uchi (round elbow strike).
3.  Punch Gyaku zuki (reverse punch) with the right arm, then turn through 180 degrees, then drive off the back right leg (yori ashi), and strike Yoko Empi Uchi (side elbow strike).

Then repeat on the left side.

Drive off the back leg yori ashi, punch whilst you are moving, then land the foot with the elbow strikes.
These short classes are designed for karateka to practice at home. We try to cram as much information as possible into each karate class and hope you enjoy them. Oss!

Taken from one of our live karate classes

This is part 3 of three follow along classes working on the same six karate techniques.

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Follow Along Class Video 6 Strikes Using Yori Ashi & Turning

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