Oi Zuki Gyaku Zuki Stepping

In this video, we’re going to be working on Oi zuki gyaku zuki (stepping punch reverse punch).

On the stepping punch, we’re going to land in the hanmi (side facing) position.

Good training exercise to work on the rotation from Hanmi to Shomen.

Start with the left leg in zenkutsu dachi and a right sided gyakuzuki.

You have to change your arms at the halfway point here. As you step up to the half way point you’re going to perform another punch with the left hikite arm. Then I’m going to drive off from the left leg, step through and punch a right sided Oi zuki (stepping punch) and finish in the hanmi (side facing) position. Complete the move, then driving off the back left leg, the whole left side of the body comes around for a left gyaku zuki (reverse punch), finishing in the shomen (square facing) position.

Oi Zuki Gyaku Zuki.

Stepping Backwards

Starting with the right leg in front.

Immediately soften your left back knee as you pull the front leg back to the half way point, at the same time, change your arms at the halfway point by punching sharply with the right arm. Now drive backwards off your left leg, also feel like you are kicking the right leg back, even though it’s a step.

Time the right leg landing with the left oi zuki and right hikite, whilst at the same time sharply rotating the body from shomen to hanmi on completion of the punch. Then once again finish with a reverse punch, by driving off the back right leg, the whole right side of the body comes around for a right gyaku zuki (reverse punch), finishing in the shomen (square facing) position.

As with the other double technique kihon combinations, it’s the changing of the arms at the halfway point that is confusing with oi zuki gyaku zuki also. When you first practice this kihon.

This is good karate practice, on the first part of the double punch, as you step up to the half way point, imagine you are grabbing and pulling someone towards you with the gyaku zuki arm that’s out, at the same time, imagine you are punching someone with the opposite arm as you reach the half way point.

So my back leg and my front arm in this double technique go forward together. They’re helping each other to go forward at the same time, also have that feeling of opposite reaction with the pulling arm, so you try and put everything together.

Try and keep the same height throughout this oi zuki gyaku zuki combination and remember from the halfway point, drive off the leg to step and then have a sharp rotation with the body for the oi zuki.

Next try adding a third punch, so we have oi zuki, gyaku zuki, kizami zuki

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