Mae Ren Geri (two front kicks)

This is for 5th kyu Karateka working towards 4th Kyu purple and white belt. (Video tutorial below)

Mae Ren Geri two front kicks stepping, first kick Chudan (body) and second kick Jodan (head)

When practicing mae ren geri, change the distance of the steps, sometimes take a long step in between the kicks and sometimes take a short step. With this exercise you can also practice different kicking distances, sometimes drive the hips fully forward for a long kick and sometimes keep the hips further back for a short front kick.

The two kicks should be continuous with no pause in between the kicks, try and ensure the body weight travels forward in a continuous flowing movement.

Mae Geri Resources

Mae geri from heisoku dachi

Mae geri stepping

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Mae geri exercise

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