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Mae Geri Front Kick Training (punchbag)

Punchbag training is excellent to work on developing power in your karate strikes and it’s great fun 🙂
The Front kick or Mae Geri we are talking about today is mae geri keage (front kick snap).
The kick should travel like a bullet and not upwards where the kick would literally grazing the surface of the target. This shotokan karate front kick wants to penertrate the target, then viciously snap back releasing the shock into the target.
Try to keep the upper body as still as possible as you start the front kick, but if you are working on developing more power, you can be excused small movement, as long as you are aware you are telegraphing the kick.
Lift the knee strongly, keeping the heel of the kicking leg as close to the backside as possible.
Drive from the supporting leg, through the hips, then kick and penertrate into the target, try and keep the upper body relaxed.
Vigorously snap back, keeping the knee high momentarily, then returning to jiyu kamae (free sparring posture)

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