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Welcome to our Shotokan Karate Online Dojo :)

Have a look around, if you are new to karate, check out our first course, or if you are a practicing karateka, check out our membership options, we have live classes every week and also offer private one on one classes. 

If you have any questions please do hesitate to contact us

We are also about to launch our over 40's karate Dojo


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What We Do -

How we have helped our members!

Brian (Ireland)

"I Am So Glad I Found Your Website..."

"I am a white belt at my local DoJo but there is not the backup support once you leave the DoJo. Your online classes are a must for anyone wanting to better their training. I am so glad I found your site, being a new member has helped me loads."


"Thank You Immensely"

"I was just looking for some kata videos to help me train on my own at home when I came across yours. I live in Italy so am a bit far from you but I THANK you immensely for uploading your videos and sharing them with the world. They explain basics that every karateka should know in detail."
Cheers from Italy,


Andoitz (Spain)

Bianca & Marcus (Germany)

"Absolute Brilliant Site....."

"Absolute brilliant site. I have transferred to Shotokan as a 1st Dan and need all the help I can get with katas."


Ryan (USA)

"Excellent videos and clear instructions"

Excellent videos and clear instructions,

With lots of live classes available. 

You will have plenty of enjoyable workouts learning new skills that make you feel better physically and mentally, as well as receiving world class feedback and support on how to improve.  I strongly advise everyone of all ages to give it a go. 

Shotokan karate online, is ultimately about the journey, not the destination, 

And what an incredible journey it is.

Paul (UK)

"I'm very happy I joined up"

I joined up with Shotokan Karate Online 6 months ago.

Great Sensei's both Sensei Huckle and Sensei Amos. They do a great job in explaining the many concepts of Karate.

The web site is very user friendly, able to find the many different sections like classes that were videoed, all the katas etc...

Also get to meet people from around the world.

I'm very happy I joined up. 

Brian (Canada)

Carmel (Australia)

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