Jion is one of our brown belt kata.

This was my chosen kata when I tested for black belt, so when testing for 1st Degree Black Belt, you can also choose 1 of the 5 brown belt kata as your favourite kata. (Video tutorial below)

Jion Kata (慈恩)

Jion 慈恩 meaning ‘Temple Sound’ is one of the five brown belt kata practiced in Shotokan, Jion is the scond longest brown belt kata after Kanku Dai. The karate moves are basic and the kata works on shomen (square facing) and Hanmi (side facing) in zenkutsu dachi (front stance) and a strong example of this is moves 12 to 17, where there are several transitions from shomen to hanmi.

Many karate historians believe Jion has roots in ancient Chinese boxing and was developed further on Okinawa. Some historians believe the kata originated in the Jionji 慈恩寺 ( Jion temple), where martial arts were practiced extensively.

Jion Kata Video Tutorial

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