Heian Sandan Kata Tutorial Moves 1 to 3 In Detail

Heian Sandan Step By Step Moves 1 To 3 In Detail.

In this article and kata video tutorial, we will be breaking down the Shotokan kata and working on the small detail of each move.

We will show different ways to practice and perform each move in Heian Sandan, which is the third kata in the Heian Kata series.

The video below is on for over 40 minutes and only focuses on moves 1,2 and 3.

heian sandan step by step

Heian Sandan Step By Step

Move 1

On the first move, try and drop the body weight straight down, then drive from the right leg and block uchi uke in kokutsu dachi.

When preparing the arms for the first move, feel like the right arm is a punch to the left and the left arm is a punch to the right. Try not to swing the arms around.

Drive the uchi uke block forward and accross, rather than just swinging the arms around.

Keep the chin tucked in, the crown of the head pushing up and stomach pushing down.

Heian Sandan Step By Step

Moves 2 and 3

As you move from the first move to the second move, use the right arm like a punch and drive the right leg and right side of the body at the same time.

As the feet come together, the left arm comes accross to the right collar bone and the right arm is just in front of the left arms elbow.

In this preparatory position, the left arm is palm facing the neck and the right arm is back of the hand facing up.

Now to complete the second move in the kata, which is a simultaneous block and counter.

As we do the kata, we say double block on the second and third moves, but one arm is a block and one is a counter strike, for each move.

The right arm performs uchi uke, think forward and accross, not around, treat it more like a back fist strike (uraken uchi).

At the same time the left arm does a gedan barai, again with this karate technique, think forward and down, rather than accross.

Heian Sandan Step By Step

Contraction and Expansion

You can really work on the contraction and expansion concept with moves 2 and 3. Although, this concept should be used on every move, it is really good on moves 2 and 3.

We hope you enjoy this heian sandan step by step video below.

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We hope you enjoyed this Shotokan kata tutorial video.

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