Heian Sandan Shotokan Kata Step By Step

Heian Sandan Shotokan Kata 

Taken from our 6th Kyu green belt karate examination. https://www.shotokankarateonline.com

Heian Sandan is the third kata of 5 in the 5 Heian Kata series.

The third Heian kata has several simultaneous block and strike techniques.

This kata also has a fumikomi stamping kick and a spinning tetsui (bottom fist) strike.

Heian Sandan is the shortest Heian kata and is known as the yellow belt kata.

Heian sandan shotokan kata is required for the 6th Kyu green belt examination.

Like Heian Nidan, Heian sandan is an excellent kata for understanding simultaneous block and strike methods.

Try and relax and flow through these tricky combinations, a common mistake karateka make is they tighten up when practicing, then the kata becomes very robotic.

Heian Sandan shotokan kata is the required kata for 6th Kyu green belt here at SKO.

Some Shotokan Dojo practice this kata with a few differences, but across the Shotokan globe, Heian Sandan remains pretty much the same

heian sandan shotokanWhen practicing your heian sandan shotokan kata, it’s all about getting to the point where the kata just happens.

Where you have practiced so much, you do not have to think about what karate move comes next, mushin.

The fighting part is extremely important, but for me, it’s not the most important.

Each kata move, step, turn, kick and jump, must be understood completely.

Each move has two meanings, one for the art of karate and one for self defense.

Take for example the first kiai in heian sandan, osae uke (pressing block), nukite (spear hand) technique.

To get good at this technique, you need someone attacking oi tsuki chudan.

You would block with osae uke and counter with nukite to the solar plexus.

But of course, in reality, this would never happen.

So, for self defense, someone could be attacking to your ribs and you drop your left arm down and simultaneously strike nukite to the neck or taesho to the jaw. (image above)

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