Enpi Step By Step Moves 1 to 4 Video

enpi kata step by step move 1

In this live zoom recording Amos Sensei goes through Enpi Kata Step By Step Moves 1 To 4. Enpi kata is a brown belt Shotokan Karate Kata in many Shotokan Dojo.

Enpi yoi position has the left hand open in the shuto position, it is then placed at the left side of the body with the inside of the wrist facing the ribs.

The right arm is then placed accross the stomache with a vertical fist (palm facing the stomache), pushed against the thickest part of the left shuto hand.

There should be a 90 degree abgle where the right fist meets the left open hand, try not to wrap the arms around the body.

The yoi position of Enpi kata is in heisoku dachi, feet together, side by side. Keep your back straight and the shoulders relaxed.

Enpi Kata Step By Step Move 1

Drive off the right leg, whilst strongly rotating the hips and step to the left with the left leg and drop down onto one knee.

As you drive off the right leg, create tension in your left hand and right fist, then suddenly release the right fist and block gedan barai  with the right arm as you drop down.

Try not to move the left open hand, the left arm simply rotates to palm facing up. The body should rotate with the arm staying close to the body.

In the finished position, the gedan barai is facing 45 degrees to the right. Try and keep the back straight, left foot flat, on the ball of the foot with the right.

Enpi Kata Step By Step Move 2

This next move is very difficult, you have to use the legs and arms strongly to be able to perform this second move of Enpi.

Drive off of the left leg, push up with the crown of the head and bring the right arm sharply to the left hikite arm, with bottom of the fist on top of the left fist in Heiko dachi (Parallel stance).

Some people go direct with the right arm, some come up high, then down like a tetsui uchi (bottom fist strike). Either way is fine.

As with the first move, the left arm does not move, its the body that rotates.

Finish the second move of Enpi facing forward.

Enpi Kata Step By Step Move 3

Drive off of the left leg and step to the right and block gedan barai (downward block).

Some people drive the gedan barai arm straight from the top of the left hikit fist, some lift to the left shoulder then block. Either way is fine.

But you must drive from the left leg.

The finished position is a right gedan barai in zenkutsu dachi (front stance), facing the right.

Enpi Kata Step By Step Move 4

It is very difficult to generate speed and power with the fourth move of Enpi.

You have to use the legs, hips and arms correctly. This is where karateka have problems if their fundamentals have not been practiced thouroughly.

You have to pivot sharply on the right foot, as you snap the left hip and left leg back into kiba dachi (horse riding stance), as you land in kiba dachi, punch kage tsuki (hook punch) with the left arm.

To make the kage tsuki strong, a sharp hikite with the right arm is required, along with a strong snap with the hips and fast left leg.

In this fourth move, you are in kiba dachi, kage tsuki, whilst facing forward.

Enpi Kata Step By Step Timing

There are a couple of different variations when it comes to the timing of the first four moves Enpi kata.

I will try and explain below, but the explanation is much clearer in the video below.

  1. First move – pause – second move – pause – third move – pause – fourth move.
  2. First move -pause –  second move – pause – third move – fourth move.
  3. First move – second move – pause – third move – fourth move.

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