Heiko Dachi (Natural Stance)heiko dachi

Karateka start using heiko dachi from their first class. This stance is used before just about everything when practicing karate.

The practice of this karate stance varies from Dojo to Dojo, so please check with your Sensei.

This is the way we practice Hangetsu Dachi at SKO.

Heiko Dachi (natural stance)

1. Weight distribution for Heiko Dachi is central.
2. Feet should be hip width to shoulder width apart.
3. Feet should be facing straight forwards.
4. Keep both feet flat but have a little more pressure on the big toes.
5. Keep your back straight
6. Keep the shoulders relaxed.

Heiko dachi is the stance karate go into when making the Yoi (ready position).

Shizen-tai or yoi dachi also translate as “natural stance” (literally, ‘natural body,’ or ‘natural body stance’). While in heiko dachi, the karateka is usually in the yoi (ready) position, arms slightly in front of the thighs, fists clenched. The way the arms move into the yoi position varies from Dojo to Dojo.

Heiko Dachi Half Natural Stance Video

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