Basic Shotokan Kihon Exercise

A shotokan karate video comprising of a series of 5 basic shotokan combinations. This exercise uses basic shotokan techniques working on shomen (square facing) and hanmi (side facing), hikite (pulling arm) and driving off the back leg.

1. Sanbon Zuki.
2. Age uke, Gyaku zuki, Gedan Barai.
3. Uchi uke, Kizami zuki, Gyaku zuki.
4. Soto uke, Empi, Uraken.
5. Shuto uke, Nukite.

Here at SKO, these individual basic shotokan combinations are first practiced from yellow belt, with the individual combinations being used at 7th Kyu (yellow belt), 6th Kyu (green belt), 5th kyu (purple belt) and 4th Kyu (purple and white belt) belt tests.

5 Basic Shotokan Combinations Exercise

Starting from a left gedan barai in zenkutsu dachi.

1. Step forward Sanbon Zuki with the right leg. Be sure and use the triple hip movement on the punches, not just the punches alone.
2. Step back with the right leg and block Age uke with the left, then Gyaku zuki, followed by Gedan Barai. Remembering that you are in Hanmi (side facing) for the blocks and Shomen (square) for the reverse punch.
3. Spin clockwise through 360 degrees on the front left foot and land and block Uchi uke with the right arm, then drive off the left leg and punch Kizami zuki, followed by Gyaku zuki.
4. Shuffle the legs by first bringing the back left leg up to the front right leg, then step 90 degrees to the right with the right leg and block with the left arm Soto uke, facing your left, then drive off the right leg and hit Yoko Empi with the left arm in kiba dachi, followed by an Uraken uchi with the left arm. Try and make the shuffle a quick 1,2.
5. Shuffle the legs by first bringing the back right leg up to the front left leg, then step 90 degrees to the left with the left leg and block with the left arm Shuto uke, facing the front, then drive off the left leg and strike nukite with the left arm, transferring the body weight from kokutsu dachi to zenkutsu dachi.

Then repeat on the opposite leg. Try and keep the same height throughout the combination, working on shomen and hanmi.

basic shotokan combinations

September 18, 2023

Soto Uke Gyaku Zuki Stepping

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