Uchi Uke, Kizami Zuki, Gyaku Zuki Stepping

This is for 4th kyu Karateka working towards 3rd Kyu Brown belt

uchi uke Uchi Ude Uke (outside forearm block) Kizami Zuki (lead arm punch) Gyaku Zuki (reverse punch)

From a left Gedan Barai (downward block)

1. Extend the left arm forward, so the back of the fist is pointing up, arm straight and fist directly in front of the left shoulder. This can also be done with the hand open and fingers stretching forward.

2. At the same time the left arm stretches forward, the right fist slides across the stomache, towards the top of the left hip, with the palm of the right fist facing down.

3. Now bring the blocking right arm forward and across the center of the body. The blocking part of the arm, is the outside of the forearm, so as the blocking arm travels forward, keep the back of the right fist facing upwards, then rotate the forearm strongly so the back of the right fist is facing forward and palm of the blocking fist facing towards you.

4. As you perform number 3, pull the left hikite (pulling arm) strongly back. As the left hikite arm reaches the side of the body, finish the rotation strongly, by rotating the forearm and fist, so the fist finishes palm up, elbow pulling down slightly and with both shoulders square and relaxed.

5. Drive from the back leg, through the left hip and execute a right Kizami Zuki (lead arm punch) to jodan (upper level or head). Make sure you keep a good zenkutsu Dachi (front stance) and your hips and body are in the hanmi (side facing) position.

6. As soon as you land the kizami zuki, once again drive off of the back leg (left) through the hip, but this time rotate the hip and body into the Shomen (square facing) position and execute a Chudan (mid level or body) Gyaku Zuki (reverse punch).

7. Next repeat uchi uke on the left side.

*For our 3rd kyu examination we require 2 sets moving forward and backwards slowly, then the same at full speed.*

Uchi Uke

Top Tips

When you block, think forward, not around!

The blocking arm should travel in more of a straight line, from the side of the body above the hip, more of a direct line from start to finish, not a large sweeping arc.

Remember, the blocking part of the arm, is the outside of the forearm, not the edge of the arm!

In the finished blocking position, make sure you can tighten all of your arm muscles properly, if you cannot, your blocking arm will be to high, to far forward, or to far across the center of the body.

Keep the shoulders relaxed throughout the combination.

Uchi Uke, Kizami Zuki, Gyaku Zuki Video Tutorial