Ushiro Geri Back KIck Exercise

This ushiro geri exercise will help with over spinning when executing back kick. It is one of the biggest mistakes karateka make with ushiro geri.

There are several different ways to kick ushiro geri, the way we practice is to not telegraph the kick, so we keep our upper body and front leg still as we bring the kicking foot up behind the front legs knee. Then pivoting strongly on the supporting leg, keeping the kicking leg close to the center of the body, then as the hips come around the leg starts to kick, timing the impact of the kick with rotation and drive of the hips into the target.


This is a simple shotokan karate exercise to stop you over spiining on ushiro geri (Back Kick).

Ushiro Geri Exercise

It’s very simple, if you have a partner, pair up, then take turns to perform a spinning back kick, using your partner as a target. If you are practicing at home, use a punch bag or stationary target.

Try and stop on the target, then return to kamae, by moving back the same way as you travelled, so it’s like you just rewind back to kamae after the kick.

Try not to rest on your partner and hold for a few seconds, this will also improve your balance.

Remember to also work on not telegraphing your kick, keep the front foot still until the kicking foot is tucked behind the supporting legs knee. Then try and time the pivot on the supporting leg with the rotation of the hips and extension of the kicking leg, so the pivot of the leg, the rotation and drive forward of the hips and the kicking leg, all complete at the same time, which is when you hit the target.

Ushiro Geri Exercise 

Here is a shotokan tutorial focusing on ushiro geri (back kick).

ushiro geri exercise

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