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Ushiro Geri (back kick) Purple And White Belt 4th kyu Basics

Ushiro geri is an extremely powerful kick, if done well! If done poorly, it can be disastrous.

Starting from a left leg in front fighting stance (kamae)
1. Keep the upper body and arms completely still and lift the kicking foot (right) to the back of the left knee.
2. Keep the supporting leg bent and pivot strongly around clockwise 180 degrees
3. As the hip comes around, drive them into the target, try not to over rotate the hips.
4. The kick should hit the target at exactly the same time as the hips are finishing the rotation and push towards the target.
5. Recover the kicking leg strongly and step forward into a right leg in front fighting stance (kamae).
6. Then repeat on the opposite leg

Requirements for our 3rd Kyu examination are two back kicks moving forward slowly and then turn and then two back kicks moving back slowly. Then repeat again at full speed. If you have injuries work around them.

Click here for a really good ushiro geri exercise to stop you over rotating on the kick.

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