Tekki shodan is the first kata of three Tekki kata and in many Shotokan Dojo, Tekki Shodan is the required kata when testing for 3rd Kyu Brown Belt.

The original name for the tekki kata is naihanchi.

There is only one stance used in Tekki Shodan and that stance is Kiba Dachi (horse riding stance).

The tekki kata are excellent for generating power in short distance techniques.

Power can only be generated if the legs and hips are used in the strikes, so correct practice of the Tekki kata, means the legs and hips are used throughout the kata.

Many karateka believe the tekki kata use mainly arms whilst in kiba dachi and they forget to use the legs and hips. This is a mistake as the Tekki kata hold the absolute best training for using the legs and hips.

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