With the short distance Tekki Shodan moves, it is extremely difficult to generate power.

In this live shotokan karate zoom class, Sensei Amos works on power generation within the Tekki Shodan moves.

Using the whole body is imperative, when trying to generate power inside a short distance.

Tekki Shodan moves require instant power generation and where self defense is concerned, developing these short powerful techniques is essential.

A lot of these Tekki Shodan moves require double hip movements, where the hip starts to drive the technique, then snaps back on impact.

tekki shodan moves

Many Shotokan karate practitioners place minimal time on Tekki Shodan, but many Sensei believe this Shotokan Kata to be one of the most important kata.

Driving from the legs is extensive in tekki shodan, even down to when you step down after slowly stepping accross and lifting the knee.

There are several examples of grab and strike techniques, one of the most recognizable being the mawashi empi (round elbow).

The mawashi empi, double arm hikite, gedan barai and kage zuki combination, requires the use of the whole body to generate powerful techniques.

Another combination inside Tekki Shodan, is the simultaneous block and strike combinations that occur before the nami ashi on each side.

These simultaneous block and strike combinations require subtle but strong, hip movements for them to be effective.

The original name for Tekki is Naihanchi, which many schools of karate still use and translates as ‘internal divided conflict’.

Motobu Choki, famous for his fighting, placed incredible importance on the Naihanchi kata.

Motobu Choki stated that the kata contains everything a karateka needs to know to become a proficient fighter.

In many shotokan Dojo, Tekki Shodan is the required kata for brown belt 3rd Kyu.

Where people find it difficult to generate power in this kata, tension develops and with tension, comes robotic movement.

So when you are first practicing this kata, try and stay relaxed until you feel confident with the short distance techniques.

Tekki Shodan Moves

Close Distance Power Generation

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