shotokan self defense techniquesIn this shotokan self defense techniques class, we are working on close in striking.

Generating power when striking from short distance  is very difficult.

In this 20-minute Shotokan karate follow along class we are going to be practicing three techniques.

1. Ura zuki

2. Mawashi Empi

3. Shin kick

Shotokan Self Defense Techniques

How to generate power in an ura zuki close range technique.

1. Use the pulling arm to generate power, pull your opponent on to the strike.

2. Drive off of the back leg

3. Rotate the body strongly and drive the right side of the body into the target.

4. Do not hit the surface of the target, make sure you penetrate into the target.

5. Kime! Tighten the muscles for a split second on Impact then completely relax

6. Breathe out sharply.

7. Speed! Try and generate as much speed as possible, from zero to maximum speed immediately.

8. Hit with Intent, you must use the concept of Ikken hissatsu.

Starting these three shotokan self defense techniques from left leg in front fighting stance, kamae.

Imagine you are close to your opponent and you can grab them with your left hand.

So grab with your left hand and pull them towards you, while at the same time, you strike ura zuki.

Now grab with the arm you just hit them with and strike mawashi empi.

Take a quick step to the left with your left leg, and drive your right shin through the inside of their right knee.

Self defense is not a game, you need to get yourself out of danger as quick as possible.

Ultimately, you do NOT want to fight and the more you train, the more you will be able to assess a situation before it escalates.

The more you train, the more you will be aware of your surroundings, who’s watching or following you.

Self Defence And Awareness

If possible, stay away from dark alleys, poorly lighted streets at night, problem areas. I know this is not always possible, but try.

Being aware is a major part of self defence.

But there may be a time when it does not matter what you do, someone is going to attack.

Now, you may not be ready, but you have to react!

Once you are in the zone (which should be instantly),you are calm but ready.

You must have the ability to switch on and switch off.

There’s a lot to say about being in the zone and having the ability to switch on and off instantly.

But we will save this for another article, suffice to say, that being mentally ready is an absolute MUST!

Where a lot of people go wrong is when they do not understand when it’s too late to reason with an aggressor.

They believe they can still calm the situation, where a trained person can see it’s way too late and it’s about to get ugly.

Back to the Shotokan self defence techniques 20 minute class.

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Where we are offering a free 7 day trial. Stay safe. Oss!

Shotokan Karate Self Defence Techniques

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We hoped you liked this quick 20 minute shotokan karate follow along class.

Self defence is an extremely important part of any martial arts and a lot of the time, it requires close in striking.

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