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Shotokan Kihon Training Exercise

This is a basic shotokan karate exercise, comprising of five basic combinations. This exercise is excellent for karateka to start to use different types of footwork as opposed to straight forwards and backwards across the dojo.

Here at SKO we refer to this exercise as the ‘spinning combination’.

Shotokan Karate Exercise Five Combinations

Starting from a left side gedan barai (downward block) in zenkutsu dachi (front stance).

  1. Step forward sanbon zuki
  2. Step backward age uke, gyaku zuki, gedan barai.
  3. Spin 180 degrees with the right leg and land uchi uke, kizami zuki, gyaku zuki.
  4. Shuffle up with the left leg to the right leg, then step 90 degrees to the right with the right leg and block soto uke, empi uchi, uraken uchi.
  5. Shuffle up with the right leg to the left leg, then step 90 degrees to the left with the left leg and block shuto uke, nukite.
  6. Repeat on the right side

Shotokan Karate Exercise Five Combinations