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Shotokan Karatedo Self Defense And Blocks That May Or May Not Work

A friend once said to me, ‘those karate blocks would never work in the street!‘ I said ‘I know!‘. He then said ‘so whats the point of practicing the traditional karate blocks?‘ I said to him that I simply enjoy practicing karate. That was the end of the conversation really :).

I couldn’t really spend the time explaining to him that I do not do karate just for fighting and in self defense you use a version of the karate blocks, not the actual basic karate blocks as they are in the kata.

karatedo (the way of karate) is an art form as well as a fighting system, it is way more than just blocking, kicking and punching. If it was just about fighting I would be practicing mixed martial arts because it’s the best for just fighting, because that’s what they do.

But personally, for me, i love karatedo, i love everything about it, the karate kata, kumite and kihon. As i get older my karate is changing, i am looking more to the health side of karate practice, don’t get me wrong, i enjoy the fighting side of karate also, but for a complete art form that encompasses so much, it’s karatedo for me. Oss!

Those Karate Blocks Don’t Work!

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