This is one of our Shotokan karate lessons online.

During the warm up we work on some basic foot movements, then the indivdual punches that we use later in the combination.

Part of the warm up consists of basic foot movements yori ashi and tsugi ashi, along with tai sabaki or body shifting.

Before putting the main combination together, we work on the individual punches, then put kizami zuki, ura zuki and kage zuki into a small 3 punch combination, focusing on using the legs and hips to punch.

shotokan karate lessons online

During the first half of the class we also work on a punching combination, involving mae geri, oi zuki, gyaku zuki, ura zuki and kage zuki.

The second part of the class focuses on Heian Godan moves 1 to 12 in detail.

Shotokan Karate Lessons Online

Full Punching Combination With Mae Geri

From a left leg in front fighting stance, pull the front left foot back to the right leg, then kick and step forward mae geri with the right leg, oi zuki, Gyaku zuki (reverse punch), ura zuki and kage zuki.

Now repeat by stepping back with the right leg and then kicking and stepping forward mae geri with the left leg, oi zuki, Gyaku zuki (reverse punch), ura zuki and kage zuki.

When executing the ura zuki, drop the body weight down on the front leg, then push up from the front leg and strike ura zuki.

On the kage zuki, drive off the front leg and rotate around with the front foot and punching hip. Keep the fist close to the body after the kage zuki.

Use the body fully throughout the combination, making sure to drive from the legs and utilize the body weight fully when landing the punches.

Shotokan Karate Lessons Online

Heian Godan Tutorial Moves 1 to 12

On the second part of this shotokan karate follow along class, we focus on the shotokan kata Heian Godan, the fifth and final kata in the heian kata series.

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