Heian Godan Tutorial Video

This is our Heian Godan tutorial, which is the kata required when taking 4th Kyu purple and white belt and is the fifth and final kata in the heian kata series.

Heian Godan Tutorial

Heian Godan (平安五段) is the fifth and final Heian kata.

This kata has so many examples of simultaneous block and strike techniques, we have the first jump, which if you have injuries you can walk through.

Kage zuki (hook punch), juji uke (x block) and even an upper cut (ura zuki).

This is probably the trickiest of all five Heian kata due to the last four moves, which again revolve around simultaneous block and counter techniques.

There are many body weight shifts, from one stance to another and punches from back stance where you really have to understand how to push from the floor through the legs and hips.

As with all kata, try not to be robotic in your movement, your body should be soft and flowing with kime (focus) only for a split second at completion of the fast techniques.

My instructor would always place a lot of importance on keeping the back straight, to help with this, the feeling should be pushing up with the crown of the head and pushing down with the stomach, while at the same time pulling the chin in.

Heian Godan Tutorial (平安五段)

Top Tips
1. Make sure the timing is correct throughout the kata.
2. It’s fine to walk the jump through, but if you are jumping, be sure and lift both knees, start by having a strong knee lift with the right leg.
3. Moves 9, 10, 11 and 12 have a unique rythm, 1,2 then 3,4.
4. On the mikazuki geri keep the right hikite as long as possible, only releasing at the last possible moment.
5. Work heavily on the last six moves, once again these have a unique timing and make sure you transfer the body weight from zenkutsu dachi to kokutsu dachi.

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