shotokan karate for older adults

The benefits of Shotokan Karate for older adults are numerous, the obvious benefits to karate practice are self defense and fitness.

Research suggests that in people over 50 years of age, it is inactivity that causes most health problems, not aging!

Karate pratice slows down the ageing process and can prevent the development of age-related diseases.

Roughly one in 10 people over the age of 50 exercises enough to gain any cardiovascular benefit!

It’s never too late to get fit. The human body responds to exercise, no matter what its age.

Karate practice goes way beyond just self defense and fitness.

Higher energy levels,

Increased physical agility,



Increase in bone density,

Decrease in muscle loss,

Weight control,

Increase in mental agility,

Great for coordination

Better overall health,

Disease prevention, etc.

shotokan karate kihon basics

And of course, karate also gives you an incredible hobby and lots of new friends in your fellow karateka!

Why not start your journey into the fascinating art and philosophy of karate. A journey that will take you from white belt to Black Belt and beyond.

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shotokan karate for seniors

Karatedo (the way of the empty hand). Karate is an art form.

Karate can be a part time hobby that many times turns into a life time study!

Karate trains both the mind and body.

Karate works every muscle and bone in the body.

As we have mentioned, there are many health benefits when we are talking about shotokan karate for seniors.

Karate practice should revolve around the individual, yes, there are syllabuses to follow and use to develop your karate and for rank testing.

But there are several ways to the top of a mountain!

Here are some differences between karate practice in older and younger karateka and how most karate Dojo go about this the wrong way!

Shotokan Karate For Younger Adults

Younger karateka have endless energy, can train past exhaustion, over and over, can stretch, move at full speed and power for hours, can recover quickly!

Younger karateka can have long stances, high kicks, fight full contact, repeat kata at full speed and power, over and over.

Many Karate dojo expect shotokan karate for seniors to be the same, just not as fast, or kicks not as high. WRONG!

Shotokan Karate For Older Adults

Shotokan karate for older adults should be completely different to that of younger adults.

Older karateka can still train hard, but with rest periods in between, drink breaks which are so important.

Older karateka should stretch gently and hold for longer. Kicks can be low and stances can be high. As karate was practiced originally on Okinawa!

Now this is the most important part, the Flow!

My Sensei would always emphasize energy flow or Ki.

Acupuncture, meridians and ki are not fully understood in the scientific world, but my Sensei would say,

‘the reason you feel good after karate practice, is because your Ki is flowing around your body’

For me, the most fascinating part of karatedo is the kata (forms) and when older karateka practice kata they should work on the flow.

Lots of light continuous movement, older karateka can still work on kime (focus), but relaxing the body and flowing is so important.

So the answer to the question, ‘is karate good for older adults?‘ is a resounding YES!

Staying active with karate practice will give you cardiovascular exercise and strength training.

Studies have shown that activities like karate, that use both mental and physical exertion, are most beneficial in older adults.

A scientific study on cognitive functioning by the Journal of Sport and Health Science, showed the benefits of karate practice with older adults.

‘The results show that there is a significant improvement in motor reactivity, stress tolerance, and divided attention only after the 5-month karate training period.

Additionally, the results of the secondary study indicate further improvements after 10 months.


The 5-month karate training can help to enhance attention, resilience, and motor reaction time, but a training period of 10 months is even more efficient.’

Obviously I am a little biased 🙂 But I truly believe that karate practice is an incredible way to stay fit and healthy throughout the whole of ones life.

Six Week Shotokan Mastery Program For Older Adults 

We are continually developing our shotokan karate for older adults program and we are about to launch a six week shotokan mastery program especially for older adults.

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The course will be broken down into six chapters, each one lasting one week.

There will be weekly live zoom classes at the end of each week, which will be recorded if people are not able to attend live.

During the six week program, you will also have the opportunity to take our first belt test.

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Sensei Linden