live shotokan karate classKime (to decide)

The theme of our live zoom karate classes this month is kime.

Kime as an extremeley important part of Shotokan karate practice and involves the final part of any technique. As a technique completes try and tighten all the muxcles for a split second, then totally relax whilst keeping your form.

Kime is not just about tension, you could say it’s more about relaxing than tensing. This is because without the ability to completely and quickly relax the muscles, the kime point of a technique is inneffective.

One of the problems with karateka practicing kime is that they tense for way too long and become robotic, this is why, when we teach basic kime we often say things like, relax, tense, relax, to try and avoid the over tension and robotic movement.

We hope you enjoy the live karate class training or the live karate class recordings, if you cannot attend live. Oss!

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