In this short 15 minute shotokan karate follow along class, Sensei Amos works on kicking and kime.

Two shotokan kicks are practiced, mae geri keage (front snap kick) and yoko geri kekomi (side thrust kick).

Make sure you start the kick sharply, try not to drag the foot, or start slowly then speed up. Lift the knee strongly.

Once the knee is lifted, drive straight into the target and shock snap the kick back, keeping the knee high.

Release the shock into the target by snapping the leg back vigorously. Kime is reached as impact is made and the snap initiates.

Keep relaxed throughout the kick, until contact.

Sensei Amos covers two tyoes of yoko geri kekomi, one with a snap, and one with a thrust.

On the snapping side thrust kick, the technique is just the same as the thrust, but on impact it behaves just like mae geri keage.

Once again remain relaxed throughout the side kicks, only to kime on impact.

Shotokan Karate Follow Along Class

Kicking And Kime

We hope you liked this shotokan karate follow along class, working on front snap kick, and two versions of side thrust kick.

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