Yoko Geri Kekomi Side Thrust Kick Basic Training

Here is a more advanced yoko geri kekomi kicking from kamae, where the knee lifts straight up as with mae geri (front kick).

With this basic side thrust kick, we are positioning the body (2.) so it is easier for the karateka to execute the kick. With the more advanced yoko geri kekomi, the body does not rotate on the knee lift.

Stepping forward yoko geri kekomi from kamae.
1. Left leg in front fighting stance
2. Lift the right knee as high as possible to the front of the body, as you pivot 90 degrees to the left, on the left leg. Keep the back as straight as possible and the arms still.
3. Make sure the knee is high as with mae geri.
4. Pivot strongly on the left supporting leg and drive the right kicking leg directly forward.
5. As the kicking leg drives forward start to switch the arm position to the opposite side.
6. As the kick completes, drive the hip forward and pivot on the ball of the foot.
7. Hitting the target with the edge of the foot.
8. Make sure everything is aligned in a straight line. Foot, knee, hips, shoulder and head.
9. Snap the kicking foot back vigorously, keeping the knee high.
10. Step forward into a right fighting stance by pushing off the left supporting leg, do not just fall forward.
11. repeat on the opposite leg.

Click Here for a very basic video tutorial of yoko geri kekomi from heiko dachi (natural stance).

This video is yoko geri kekomi training on a punch bag.


Stepping Forward Yoko Geri Kekomi From kamae Video Tutorial

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