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Kihon Ippon Kumite Tutorial

Kihon ippon kumite (基本一本組み手)

Oss ! This is for 5th kyu Karateka working towards 4th Kyu Purple and White belt

Basic (kihon) one (ippon) attack sparring (kumite) with the focus on one attack and a basic block and counter.

Through the first few belt ranks in Shotokan Karate, gohon kumite (5 step) or sanbon kumite (3 step) is used.

Kihon ippon kumite is excellent for applying the concept of Ikken Hissatsu (to finish with one blow), whilst in a relatively safe environment. The attacker announces the intended target jodan (upper level (head)) and attacks with an Oi zuki (stepping punch). The defender knows what attack is coming and in the Jodan Oi Zuki attack, the defender could step back and block age uke then counter gyaku zuki (reverse punch). In most Shotokan Dojo the attacks are Jodan Oi zuki (stepping punch to the head), Chudan Oi zuki (stepping punch to the body), Maegeri (front kick), Yoko Geri Kekomi (side thrust kick) and Mawashi Geri (round house kick).

This kumite is excellent for working on ~
1. Distancing
2. Timing
3, Non telegraphed movement
4. Spirit (ikken hissatsu)
5. Reflexes
6. Reading your opponent
7. Speed

In the video tutorial below, we go through the defenses for each of the attacks.
When practicing at home without a partner, try and visualise an actual attack. Practice slowly, work on technique and a smooth transition between the block and counter. When practicing at speed, try and apply the concept of ikken hissatsu and the counter should instantly follow the block, make sure you finish the block completely including a full hikite, but there should be no pause between the block and counter.

That attacks are ~

1 x Oi zuki (stepping punch) Jodan (upper level(head))
1 x Oi zuki (stepping punch) Chudan (middle level(body))
1 x Mae Geri (front kick)
1 x Yoko Geri Kekomi (side thrust kick)
1 x Mawashi Geri (round house kick)

Kihon Ippon Kumite Video

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