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Kanshu Kata Tutorial Part 2

We hope you enjoyed part 2 of this Kanshu kata tutorial. Click here for part 1 of the Kanshu kata tutorial series.

We are Shotokan based, but I believe there is a massive piece of this amazing karate jigsaw puzzle missing and I feel it can be found on Okinawa.

We have introduced several Okinawan kata and Kanshu, also known as Dai Ni Seisan is one of them.

Shotokan is very dynamic, long and deep stances, lots of kicking, from mawashi geri to yoko geri keage.

As a karateka ages, these deep long stances and kicks become increasingly difficult and can sometimes lead to injury and the inability to continue practicing karate. I feel this is very sad.

The focus passes from fighting and fitness in the young karateka, to health and well being in the older karateka.

Many of these Okinawan karate kata put less strain on the joints and encourage more natural movement.

Now I love Shotokan karate and see these Okinawan kata not just as an add on, but an integral part of my karate practice.

I hope you enjoy these Okinawan kata as much as I do and if you are over 50 years of age, I know you will 🙂

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