In this live training session, Sensei Huckle and Sensei Amos cover in detail, up to the half way point in Shotokan kata Heian Sandan. Sensei Huckle explained the first six moves in detail and also demonstrates some self defense applications for the moves up to half way in the kata, where he emphasizes simultaneous block and strike combinations, finishing with a takedown.

Sensei Amos then explained the next series of moves up to the first kiai in detail. He worked on timing and fluidity of movement, along with executing the techniques without unneccessary added movements.

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Linden Huckle

About the author

Linden Huckle has been practicing and teaching karate for over 50 years and believes first and foremost, karateka should enjoy their karate. He says 'there is nothing better than seeing a person develop into a great person through their karate practice, while at the same time enjoying karate.'

Linden Huckle