unsu bunkai moves 9 to 12

In this short Unsu bunkai video, we cover applications for moves 9, 10, 11 and 12.

There are many applications for each move and we will go over many more inside the Kata Dojo, so once you login go to the ‘Kata Dojo’, then choose ‘Black Belt Kata’ and the ‘Unsu’, everything will be explained in a short video and you will be able to access five different sections, with lots of videos.
1. Unsu step by step basic tutorial
2. Unsu Kata Bunkai
3. Unsu Individual moves
4. Unsu Kata Tutorial Advanced
5. Unsu Kata Live Class Recordings
This will be done for every kata as we understand our members want easy access rather than trying to search on the blog or APP.


Unsu Bunkai Moves 9 to 12

These are some applications for the 4x tate shuto, gyaku zuki combinations.

We just cover the first two reverse punches in this short video.

1. Attacker punches with a right hook
2. Defender reaches out to trap the right hook, or covers on the spot.
3. Defender strikes with a reverse punch to the jaw line.
4. Defender then strikes and pushes with their right tate shuto to the right side of the attackers neck, then immediately push or grab and pull the opponent down to your right.
5. Finish with a left reverse punch (gyaku Zuki)

Unsu Bunkai Moves 9 to 12

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