Uchi Ude Uke (Inside Forearm Block) Stepping Video

Uchi Ude Uke (Outside Forearm Block) Part 1

Uchi ude uke, or inside forearm block is one of the basic karate moves, in the karate dojo. This karate technique should be first practiced in shizentai (natural stance), with feet approximately shoulder width apart and toes facing forward.

1. The right blocking arms elbow is approximately a fist, to a fist and a half distance from the body. There should be a 90 degree bend at the blocking arms elbow. The fist of the blocking arm is approximately shoulder height, shoulders down and relaxed, with the palm of the right fist, facing towards you. (pic 1)

2. The leftt hikite arm, should be placed at the bottom of the ribs on the left side of the body. The fist should be palm up, with the elbow pulling down slightly, both shoulders down and relaxed. Try not to let the elbow stick out, keep the elbow directly behind the fist.

3. Extend the right arm forward, so the back of the fist is pointing up, arm straight and fist directly in front of the right shoulder. This can also be done with the hand open and fingers stretching forward.

4. At the same time the right arm stretches forward, the left fist slides across the stomache, towards the top of the right hip, with the palm of the left fist facing down. (pic 2)

5. Now bring the blocking left arm forward and across the centre of the body. The blocking part of the arm, is the outside of the forearm, so as the blocking arm travels forward, keep the back of the left fist facing upwards, then rotate the forearm strongly, so the finished arm position is the same as explained in number 1.

6. As you perform number 5, pull the right hikite (pulling arm) strongly back. As the hikite arm reaches the side of the body, finish the rotation strongly, by rotating the forearm and fist, so the fist finishes palm up, elbow pulling down slightly and with both shoulders square and relaxed.

Uchi Uke Top Tips

When you block, think forward, not around!

The blocking arm should travel in more of a straight line, from the side of the body above the hip, more of a direct line from start to finish, not a large sweeping arc.

Remember, the blocking part of the arm, is the outside of the forearm, not the edge of the arm!

In the finished blocking position, make sure you can tighten all of your arm muscles properly, if you cannot, your blocking arm will be to high, to far forward, or to far across the center of the body.

If you are learning karate online, take these karate moves one step at a time, start slowly, research and study karate resources, before building up to full speed.

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