In this live karate class, Sensei Huckle and Sensei Amos worked on the Shotokan kata Heian Yondan, which is the fourth kata of the five Heian kata.

Heian yondan is the required kata when taking 5th Kyu purple belt.

Time was spent explaining the first two moves and how they should flow with the arms not stopping at the half way point on each side.

The attitude on the first two moves should be that of zanshin and kamae, a state of being aware and ready.

Applications were mentioned throughout the class but they will be focused on in anther video.

On the third move time was spent on working the driving leg and the meanings ov the juji uke gedan (low level x block).

Sensei Amos then worked through the rest of the kata sharing some great tips on improving each move throughout the kata.

He emphasised the pivoting on the heels before the double open hand strikes and correct arm positions in kakiwake uke (wedge block).

Time was also spent on the grab and knee strike, working on the back driving leg, then the driving down off the left leg after the hisa geri (knee attack).

Heian Yondan Kata

Shotokan Kata Heian Yondan Tutorial (Live Zoom Class)

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