Heian Yondan Kata Tutorial

This kata tutorial is for Heian Yondan, which is the kata required for our 5th Kyu purple belt.

Heian Yondan (平安四段)

Heian Yondan is the fourth of the five Heian kata.

This kata has so many examples of simultaneous block and strike techniques, we have the first juji uke (x block), the first elbow attack (mawashi empi) and hisa geri (knee attack).

There are several open hand techniques and slow flowing techniques. A lot of the kata is in Kokutsu dachi (back stance), which makes it quite tricky to master.

As with all kata, try not to be robotic in your movement, your body should be soft and flowing with kime (focus) only for a split second at completion of the fast techniques.

My instructor would always place a lot of importance on keeping the back straight, to help with this, the feeling should be pushing up with the crown of the head and pushing down with the stomach, while at the same time pulling the chin in.

Heian Yondan (平安四段)
Top Tips
1. Make sure the first two moves are smooth, 3 to 4 seconds each move.
2. Keep the body weight over the back leg in Kokutsu Dachi (back stance)
3. Moves 5, 6, 7 and 8, 9, 10 should be continuous (back fist, side snap kick, round elbow) on both sides.
4. Moves 13, 14 and 15 (1st kiai) should be like one continuous move, no pause after the front kick.
5. As there are several kicks and a knee strike, be sure and drive off the supporting leg as you step down after the kick/knee.

Heian Yondan Tutorial Video