Gyaku Tsuki Snapping Video

In this 20 minute shotokan karate follow along class, we are focusing on snapping the gyaku tsuki (reverse punch) from fighting stance, but still using hikite.

We cover a few different exercises to help with snapping the gyaku tsuki.

Focusing heavily on shomen (square facing) and hanmi (side facing) and the hikite arm.

With these exercises, we break the technique down and isolate certain areas. For example, on one of the exercises we just use the hikite arm, without punching gyaku tsuki, we focus on snapping the hikite arm to and from the kamae fighting position.

Linden Huckle

About the author

Linden Huckle has been practicing and teaching karate for over 50 years and believes first and foremost, karateka should enjoy their karate. He says 'there is nothing better than seeing a person develop into a great person through their karate practice, while at the same time enjoying karate.'

Linden Huckle