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Nijushiho Kata Tutorial

Nijushiho is one of the first black belt kata practiced in many Shotokan Dojo. (Video tutorial below)

Nijūshiho (二十四步) translates as "24 Steps," and is named after the number of foot movements, or "steps," present in the kata. Although here are 24 steps there are actually 34 moves.
The original name for Nijushiho was Niseishi (twenty-four) in Okinawan. There a few stories around the history of Nijushiho. One is that it has chinese dragon boxing roots, with master Seisho Aragaki developing it as he did with Sochin and Unsu. These three kata are very popular in Shotokan as they are extremely dynamic and contain lots of circular techniques and changes in tenpo. My Sensei used to say these were the best black belt kata for working on timing and rythm. One of the areas in the kata to work on at timing and rythm, is the first three techniques, they start smooth, then an explosive section, finishing again smoothly, this is a really difficult set of moves to get right and an area to really focus on, when you first start to practice Nijushiho.
There are several instances of making small explosive movements forward and backward, open handed techniques are used extensively through the kata and sanchin dachi (hourglass stance) is used for the first time.
Although the side thrust kicks (yoko geri kekomi) did not used to be in the original kata, try to drive the hips and body weight into the target and not lean away and if you have injuries preventing you executing the kicks, simply lift the knee as in the original kata.

Nijushiho kata tutorial

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