Gyaku Zuki Punch Snap Back

Gyaku Zuki Punch Snapping

Gyaku-zuki punch is one of the strongest punches that a karateka will learn.

This punch can be very powerful, and advanced karateka can deliver a devastating punch with this karate technique!

This follow along karate class is all about the snap back, so if you are looking for a gyaku zuki punch tutorial this video comes after you understand the basics of gyaku zuki.

Snapping techniques are practiced extensively in Shotokan karate, but whats difficult is timing the kime and snap back, so the shock from the strike penetrates and explodes into the target.

In this gyaku zuki reverse punch follow along karate class, we work on a few exercises to help develop a dynamic snap back.

When snapping the gyaku zuki punch back, you must utilize the legs, upper body and arms to maximum effect. Combining shomen and hanmi, along with kime and good technique.

When looking at snapping punches back. many people just think about the arms, but the hips and body must also snap back, with the hikite arm snapping forward also and going deeper, kime and the mind must also snap back!

There are different types of snapping techniques, one where you penetrate quite a distance into the target, then snap vigorously almost causing an inplosion followed by an explosion inside the target.

Then another way is not quite going into the target as far as the first way, but then snapping as the first way and sending the shock into the target.

In this follow along karate class we just talk in general about the snap back and the whole point of the class is to improve the snap back, rather than focusing on the different ways to hit the target with snapping techniques.

Gyaku Zuki Punch Differences

Different Shotokan Dojo practice gyaku zuki differently, we tighten the inside of the thighs on impact, which brings the front knee in very slightly. Some Sensei say this is incorrect as they say the front knee is collapsing inwards.

But in reality that is when in front stance, the inner thigh is at its strongest. I know many Sensei teach keeping the front knee stationary and there is nothing wrong with that, it’s just a different way to punch.

But what is wrong, is when karateka push their front knee out on gyaku zuki. That weakens the whole front leg and in doing so weakens the reverse punch considerably.

I encourage my students to practice different versions of gyaku zuki as we are all different and what suits one person, many times does not suit another. So find your own way and i hope you develop an incredible reverse punch!

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gyaku zuki punch

gyaku zuki punch

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