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Shotokan Karate Fundamentals Shomen (square facing) and Hanmi (side facing)

Shomen and hanmi are an important part of shotokan karate, this is an area that should be practiced diligintly.
Karateka who have been training a short time find shomen hanmi very difficult.

Many shotokan karate dojo place tremendous importance on this area, but karate Sensei differ in the way they teach and practice shomen and hanmi, so please, if you are new to karate classes, ask your dojo sensei for an explanation of shomen and hanmi.

A beginner to shotokan karate will be told that hanmi (side facing), is used for the basic blocks in front stance and shomen (square facing), is used for the two basic punches oi zuki (stepping punch) and gyaku zuki (reverse punch).

when in zenkutsu dachi (front stance), try and make sure the front knee stays still as you rotate through shomen and hanmi.

Video Tutorial Of Shomen And Hanmi

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