Enpi Kata Tutorial

Enpi (燕飛) (Flying Swallow), also known as Empi

Enpi is one of five shotokan brown belt kata.

Some historians believe Enpi was brought to Okinawa from China in the late 1600's by Wang Ji, who was an expert in Shaolin Fujian White Crane. The original name was Wansu which Master Gichin Funakoshi changed to Enpi.

The kata when performed well, resembles the flight of a swallow, sweeping down low, then back up high. This comparrison to the flight of a swallow is displayed in the three combinations of, age zuki (upper rising punch), grab and hisa geri (knee attack), soto uke (outside block), gyaku zuki (reverse punch) in kosa dachi (crossed leg stance).

The opening four moves are very fast and dynamic, but they should also be smove movements, just like the flight of a swallow.

There are lots of throws and takedowns inside this brown belt kata, and once again, there are several instances of simultaneous blocks and strikes.

Enpi (燕飛) Kata Tutorial Video
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