Are you a ‘Super Sensei’, or do you train with one?

If you are one, I’m probably going to upset you now, if you train with one, you’re probably going to be one, sooner or later.

If you’re not a Super Sensei, or training with one, then I hope you enjoy this article.

There is a saying, ‘The cream always rises to the top’, but it doesn’t always apply to karate and it should do!

What goes through the minds of these so called ‘Super Sensei’?

Here’s an example ~

Super Sensei Says~ You show me respect, I have been training for 200 years! You have only been training for 5 measly years, I am 45th Dan andkarate sensei you are only 2nd Dan! I am better than you, you need to work on your kime! No I can’t show you how to do it, because I have a bad knee, it’s been really bad for the last 195 years! Look at my belt, can’t you see how good I am?
Student Says ~ Ossu Super Sensei, I want to be just like you! I want everyone to respect me like I’m a Super Sensei! Can I be like you Super Sensei?
Super Sensei Says~ Yes, if you show me respect, carry my bags, agree with everything I say and ‘OSS’ yourself to sleep every night, whilst looking at a picture of me! Oh and one more thing, if you do the above correctly, you will not even have to train much, I nearly forgot to mention that bit.
Student Says ~ Ossu Super Sensei

I have respect for everyone (if they’re good people), I have nothing against karate dojo using the traditional karate dojo etiquette and discipline, but it can go too far. Some of my students call me ‘sensei’ in the dojo and some call me Linden, It’s entirely up to them, but they all call me ‘Linden’, or (###****###) outside the dojo.

Every karateka at our dojo has respect for one another, I do not expect or want my students to carry my bags, grovel to me or bring an apple every karate session. I want my students to train hard with me, have a good attitude and most important of all, enjoy their karate practice.

To much respect can cause a negative effect in the dojo, students can put their sempai and sensei on a pedestal that is weak and unstable, then as the students training progresses, they themselves command the same respect as their sempai/sensei, thus building a false, aura of ability and stature.

A Sempai or Sensei should lead by example, I always train with my adults,  I try my hardest and hopefully do it all with the correct attitude.

I hope I’m not a ‘Super Sensei’, just someone who loves karatedo.

Whatever your thoughts on this subject, I wish you well on your karate journey, even if you are a ‘super sensei‘.


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Linden Huckle

About the author

Linden Huckle has been practicing and teaching karate for over 50 years and believes first and foremost, karateka should enjoy their karate. He says 'there is nothing better than seeing a person develop into a great person through their karate practice, while at the same time enjoying karate.'

Linden Huckle