Shotokan karate follow along class

Kime (to decide) Part 1

The theme of our live zoom karate classes this month is kime.

Here is part one of our shotokan karate follow along class series focusing on kime. Kime is the noun form of the verb “kimeru”, which means “to decide”.

Kime is an important part of shotokan karate, the decisive point of the techniques can be the striking point of impact, a step or completing a block.

The body should stay relaxed then at the end of the technique, the muscles tighten for a split second, then relax, whilst keeping form.

Some Sensei teach kime as focusing the mind and body on a single point.

If the body alignment is correct and technique is strong, making sure the mind is focused along with the muscles, on the end point of a technique, then a karateka can achieve good kime.


Shotokan Karate Follow Along Class

Kime Part 1

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